Anonymous: so do you think that reddit thing is for real then? like at first i wasn't buying anything but then i saw the song and i know i KNOW i heard that before and i still think the rest is all not true but like the song..

You should send me your credit card number

Anonymous: I KNOW THE REDDIT THING TOO! When I was little, I used to have horrible nightmares with a skeleton man with his head in his hands. He'd sing it to me right before he threw it at me. Then I'd always wake up screaming

But a skeleton man doesn’t have a brain??

Anonymous: you aren't like fucking with me or something ok be honest bc i wouldn't be mad or anything of course like it'd be funny but i KNOW i've heard that before like I'm 100% sure and i have almost died before like I tried to kill myself last year and I was almost in a coma and this is really making me scared

A lot of people have heard it before. The words come to them differently, and they’re inspired by different things or people. Only one thing is constant between stories: “They say to know the truth is to be insane, to see things as they are is like a bullet to the brain.”

You know, it almost sounds kind of corny. I bet in some universe it was a hard rock song. But as a child I heard it and it reminded me of dead. It means something different to everyone.

Anonymous: HOLY SHIT THAT REDDIT I KNOEW IVE HEARD THAT BEFORE "They say to know the truth is to be insaneTo see things as they are is like a bullet to the brainWho needs nightmares when you have visionWith wild eyes you saw through this prisonSlit your throat and in your dying breathWith a wicked grin you beckoned deathThey say to know the truth is to be insaneTo be eternal and kill the painNo one in the world like youOnly Death is real, only Pain is trueThey say" WHAT ARE THOSE FroM I KNOW THEM

I think it’s a song from another dimension. I used to hear it in my head when I was a kid, but there was no recollection of it in this timeline. Various people from across the world have heard it. I like to think I wrote this version of it:

Most people who have heard the song have near-death experiences and may have switched timelines after dying in their original dimension.

Anonymous: Sorry if this is a weird question but I've just seen you getting some anons about Per recently and i thought maybe i could ask your help w something? I was looking though my journals a few days ago and i found a place where i wrote "i am not a human being" and then i was like holy shit and i looked up his note and he says "i'm not a human" right and i got so freaked out bc like i know it isnt that unusual a thing to say but like a wrote that a year ago before i knew about him (contd.)

"(contd.) and i guess i’m just scared because what if i end up like he did what if the way i think never changes and i’m always stuck feeling so out of place and hating my own skin this much? sorry i know i sound stupid but it’s really messing up my head rn"

If you want Mayhem to mess with your head, check this out:

To be fair, I think a lot of people felt the same way. There are two Lil Wayne albums titled “I am not a human being” :P I don’t mean to be a downer, but throughout history the same quotes and bound to be repeated over and over. There’s only so many humans and so many words.

grandma: did you hear that?
dad: ebola?
grandma: no. they're going to do away with plastic bags!

At least someone sees me the right way

Anonymous: do you think Dead had Cotard's?

Not really. He was just morbid/creepy and other people slapped a label on him so they can understand him better. It sucks he had such a disconnection with humanity that he related more with the dead than the living world. But that doesn’t mean he actually had Cotard Delusions… Those are fucked up/intense and if someone had them everyone would know. I don’t think you can go to school, go to other countries, or function in society at all. There’s barely any recorded cases of this disorder, it’s ridiculously rare.

Death was the closest escape from reality he saw. Some people do drugs, some people look inward and become lost in their own grim world and shoot themselves in the head. Everyone needs an escape. There’s a big difference between “obsessed with death” and “literally, honestly believe your body is rotting and you’re a dead person.” I’m sure it would have been more noticeable and his friends/family would have mentioned it, not just random speculation on the internet

Holy fucking balls Dracula Untold I’m going to have a shit fit I fucking love Dracula help

Anonymous: shoot man now you've got me tripping the heck out

I do that to people because I am tripping all day every day on a drug called HARSH REALITY

That was the lamest / coolest thing I said all day